The Pesticide Safety Project

This website and training material were developed to give communities and promotores ways to help farm workers learn how to protect themselves from pesticide exposure.

To report a possible pesticide exposure, call your local County Agricultural Commissioner's office. You can get the number and be connected by calling toll-free 1-877-378-5463. You do not have to give your name.


How to be safe from pesticides at work

After Work: Staying safe for your family

Don't let pests have a party in your house

Get pests out of your house without using chemicals

Pesticides can be dangerous if they get in or on your body. Watch this video to learn the signs and symptoms of pesticide exposure


If you work in the community, you can help people learn about pesticide safety:

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If you work in the community as a promotora, you have a wonderful opportunity to help people with the important issue of pesticide safety. Here are some ways to start talking about pesticides:

  • Ask people if they read the label before buying or using a product. This lets you talk about how to use it.
  • Talk about how pests are looking for food and water, which is why they go into homes.
  • Share ideas to prevent pests without using pesticides or safer ways to use them.
  • If there are children, older adults, or a pregnant mom in the house, let them know that pesticides can cause them even more harm and it's important to be safe.
  • Does the family have a lawn or garden? Talk about ways to keep bugs out of the house by keeping grass and shrubs cut and water away.
  • If you are talking to farm workers, ask what kind of training or information they got at work. Share the safety tips in work section.